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Corbels are available in 2.4mt, 2.7mt and 3.0mt lengths. As Australian Architects and builders increasingly seek to capture and reproduce the classical elegance of yesterday’s styles, demand has surged for architectural mouldings profiles and ornamental products.

ProductNamingModuling ProfileDimensionsRange Number
Profiled Corbel220mm (h) x 220mm (w)#HC-15
Profiled Corbel250mm (h) x 250mm (w)#PC-2
Profiled Corbel300mm (h) x 120mm (w)#PC-8
Profiled Corbel300mm (h) x 120mm (w)#PC-16
Profiled Corbel315mm (h) x 200mm (w)#PC-20
Profiled Corbel260mm (h) x 200mm (w)#PC-28